On Mike McFadden

I’m pretty damn lucky to live in Baltimore, where the radio waves from Towson, Maryland’s independent radio station WTMD come through strong and clear. The reasons I love WTMD are myriad – no commercials, musical variety, frequent airplay of my not-quite-commercial-radio-friendly favorite band Wilco, free events, complete listings of their playlists, and local music coverage. If not for WTMD, I might never have heard Baltimore native Mike McFadden’s song “Heart on Heart,” I might never have fallen head over heels in love with said song, I might never have played it on endless repeat, I might never have heard the rest of McFadden’s impressive catalogue (four albums and he couldn’t possibly be a day over 26), and I might never have realized the importance of sharing his music here.

McFadden’s most recent single “Heart on Heart” is a driving, pop-infused rock tune with a speedy percussion beat whose pace I can never match when drumming on my steering wheel. As explained in my ode to WTMD, I first heard it on local radio and was instantly hooked. Thank God for Spotify (which you should definitely download for free if you have not done so already as it is one of the most delightful ideas since the invention of the internet) – I easily satisfied my craving for “Heart on Heart” all that night and was able to discover more of what Mr. McFadden is all about. From this opening track, his Heartbeat/Rapture album bleeds into more full-bodied, suitable for summer drives, and perfectly just-but-not-over-polished singer-songwriter numbers as promised by the first single.

When I delved into the archives of McFadden’s career, I fell hard again, this time for his 2007 self-titled release. Much like the 2012 album, Mike McFadden starts off strong with “Girl Like You,” a song that creeps into my head and stays there for days without any complaint from me. Though the album is less produced and has a more amateur feel than Heartbeat/Rapture, it certainly delivers with its light, summery tunes.

McFadden’s career is definitely booming as he recently landed a song in a Coke commercial. He recently relocated from Baltimore to New York, probably on account of his surging success. And while I don’t blame him for the move, I sure as hell will miss having him around to call our own and catch live once in a while too.


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