On The Alabama Shakes

There’s something about the bluesy, Southern rock sounds of Alabama-based band The Alabama Shakes that I find irresistibly fun and carefree. They were the perfect band to discover during the summer, for listening to on road trips to the beach and on sunny afternoons de-stressing on the drive home from work.

While their sound has a certain nostalgia to it, reminiscent of both classic rock and soul artists, Brittany Howard’s distinctive and at-times funky lead vocals place The Alabama Shakes in an genre entirely their own. The sound this band produces is distinctively their own, but luckily they don’t fall into that category of musical acts whose songs all sound the same. Though “Hold On” got plenty of alternative radio airplay, I wasn’t completely hooked on The Shakes until I heard the irresistibly danceable “Hang Loose” (and played it on repeat during my commute to and from work for a week).

Here are just a few samplings of songs from their debut album Boys & Girls.

And here’s an entire 13-song live set from The Alabama Shakes, courtesy of Pegasus Records via YouTube.


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